Advanced Additive Manufacturing Research Center


Promoting the innovation of additive manufacturing(AM) technology and development of human resources.

Advanced Additive Manufacturing Research Center conducts the development of additive manufacturing with metal materials that are essential to “Monozukuri (manufacturing)” for the next generation, along with the development of a new multi-material 3D printer.
For the laser additive manufacturing, it is challenged the monitoring and analysis of melting and solidification process, the simulation of thermal deformation, the clarification of relationship between the powder characteristics of functional materials and the fabrication conditions and the making the database of those conditions.
Promoting the “Monozukuri” innovation in local industries and the foresting human resources are also our major objective.

Research and Development

  1. R&D on the fundamental technologies for the laser additive manufacturing under the R&D project, ”Monozukuri Revolution Program centered on 3D modeling technology”, (Entrusted Development by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Technology, and Industry) as Kindai University Hiroshima branch office of Technology Research Association for Future Additive Manufacturing (TRFAM).
    • Elucidation of melting / solidification mechanism and development of simulation technology
    • Construction of processing database.
  2. Research on the next-generation manufacturing design and technology through collaboration with local industries.
    • Creation of molding recipes for various materials by SLM 280 HL equipment
    • Research on optimum design and manufacturing method.

Melt solidification phenomenon

Simulation of melting(melt pool) phenomenon

Human resource development

"Next Generation Monodzukuri Design and Manufacturing Engineer Development Project by Regional Collaboration"

  • Human resources development business through joint research, workshops, lectures, etc.
  • Collaboration with automobile-related, aerospace-related companies, etc.
  • Cooperation with Hiroshima University and National Institute of Technology, Kure College
  • Cooperation with public test research institutes such as Hiroshima Prefectural General Research Institute


Hideki Kyogoku,
Specially Appointed Professor
Director of Advanced Additive Manufacturing Research Center
Minoru Hatate,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Center for Industry and Public Relations
Akihiko Ikuta,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Hitoshi Ohmori,
Visiting Professor
Institute of Physical and Chemical Research
Toru Nobuki,
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Toshitaka Ikeshoji,
Visiting Associate Professor
Fundamental Technology for Next Generation
Research Institute
Masaharu Tagami,
Department of Robotics
Advanced Robotic Technology Research Center